New York Neurology & Sleep Medicine

Allen Towfigh, MD

Office Policies


Our office does not accept “walk-ins” however same-day appointments can be made for patients requiring urgent attention. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment. As a courtesy patients are contacted one business day prior to their scheduled appointment. In the event patients are unable to maintain their scheduled appointment and fail to notify the office at least one business day prior to their scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the scheduled appointment may be incurred.

Office Hours

The office is open Monday – Thursday from 9:30am – 5pm.
The office is open Fridays from 9:30am – 3:30pm.

For after-hours assistance, please call our office and speak to an office representative. Dr. Towfigh is available for urgent matters after-hours and may be paged by a representative. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911 or report to your local Emergency Room.

House Calls & After Hours

House calls are also offered by Dr. Towfigh & our staff for patients who prefer not to come to the office or who cannot make it in to see us. After hours appointments are also available. The last routine appointment time is 4:00 and all appointments thereafter are considered “After-Hours.”


Dr. Towfigh is committed to spending adequate time with each patient to gather their medical history, perform a thorough examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan. As a result, our practice must uphold the following policies. Patients with commercial insurance plans are responsible for office visits at the time of service. Our billing department may submit claims as a courtesy, for patients with out-of-network benefits however patients are responsible for any remaining balance.

Procedures performed in our office will be billed at the time of service unless otherwise agreed upon. As a courtesy, patients with out-of-network benefits may be extended a ninety (90) day courtesy period if a valid method of payment is on file.

Dr. Towfigh is a participating provider for all covered services under Medicare however patients are responsible for any fees due to non-covered services provided at the time of service. Please call the office to discuss further fee information.


Requests for prescription refills require at least FIVE (5) business days notice to ensure effective processing. Patients are responsible for maintaining current pharmacy information. Prescriptions will not be provided to patients who have not been recently evaluated.

Based on published guidelines patients receiving controlled substances require routine monitoring. All prescriptions for controlled substances will be mailed directly to the patient’s pharmacy. All other forms of dispensing controlled substances are prohibited. Patients receiving controlled substances must also agree to have only one prescribing physician.

Based on published guidelines, urine and serum toxicology screening may be requested by Dr. Towfigh at any time.
Patients who fail to comply with office policies may be subject to denial of further prescription refills. Prior authorizations will be attended to within the first 48 hours of receipt.

Medical Record Request

Patients requesting medical records should allow 2 weeks for processing and delivery of their records. HIPPA-Approved facilities requesting records should allow the same amount of time for processing. Payment for records is due prior to delivery.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions, comments or concerns.