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Allen Towfigh, MD


Electromyography / Nerve Conduction Study Patient Hand Out

Dr. Towfigh has ordered a Nerve Conduction Study (NCV) and/or EMG testing. This test is performed to assess the health of your nerves and muscles. This test has multiple uses and can assist in diagnosing a peripheral nerve lesion or injury such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This test can also assist in diagnosing a neuropathy, myopathy or a nerve root lesion of the neck or the lower back. The NCV portion of the test involves placing electrodes on specific areas of the arms or legs and stimulating the nerve/muscle with a small electrical current. The EMG portion involves placing a small sterile needle in specific muscles of the arms or legs and listening to the electrical activity within the muscle.

Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled time and let the receptionist know you are there for NCV/EMG testing.

Your test will take about one hour to complete depending on the extent of testing ordered and the diagnosis. Please wear or bring a short sleeve shirt/blouse if we will be testing your neck/shoulder/arm/hand area and wear/bring shorts if we are testing your lower back/hips/leg/foot area. Be prepared to remove all jewelry including watches, bracelets and rings. Please do not apply any lotion to your arms or legs the day prior to or the day of the test.

Please make every effort to keep your scheduled appointment. The physician needs the results for your appointment. However, if you should need to cancel / reschedule for any reason please do so as soon as possible, 212-744-3529. Standard cancellation fees may apply as per office policies.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the office at your convenience. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.